• Ana Paula Medeiros

Wicked Angel (Wicked Horse Vegas Book 6) by Sawyer Bennett

The thing I like about Sawyer Bennett's books is that it is not your ordinary romance novel, they have layers and this one is quite an example. Benjamin has lost his wife and daughter in an awful accident, now to feel something at all he's been attending the Wicked Horse in Las Vegas. He is in a numb, he doesn't believe in God anymore and is withdrawn from family and family. Elena is fed up with the guys that she used to date, co-dependent and needy. She goes to the Wicked Horse to have some fun and avoid relationships. Well, these two souls are about to reunite and their path is emotional and sexy. Benjamin is faithless and thinks God has left him alone and took his family. Elena is a believer and attends to Church with her family. These two broken souls are brought together by sex and they heal by the faith in themselves and it is a great journey as characters. I just loved this book!!!

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