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Carpool (Milford College, #1) by Noelle Adams

This book was a surprise serial that the author Noelle Adams presented her followers a few months ago. It is the first of a series about Milford College, a smaill liberal college. In this book we meet Jeniffer and Marcus. She is the good girl who takes care of her grandmother and works at Milford at the financial department. Always the girl next door, she has been curious about the neighbours son bad boy Marcus. They are now grown ups work at the same place and he has straighten up his life but has never been understood. Jeniffer needs some help since her car is on the shop and need carpooling for a few weeks and Marcus is the one who lives the closest. There you go... Romance in a car! Noelle Adams is such a good author! She can create characters that are threedimensional and really look humans, they are not just words in the paper... Nothing is trivial about these characters and the story. I just loved the book!!!

Carpool by Noelle Adams is available NOW!

She doesn’t like him. She just needs a ride.

Milford College is the first of a new series set in a small college. They can all be read as standalones.

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