• Ana Paula Medeiros

Dax (Arizona Vengeance, #4) by Sawyer Bennett

Hockey games are becoming my favorite novels and they are addictive. However, the great thing about Sawyer Bennet's books is that they really talk about more than sports. The characters are more deep and have conflicts and stories that the sport itself is just a complement of their path. Dax and Regan have known each other for forever since they were neighbors and their families were connected. She lost her parents at a young age and her brother (Dax's best friends) became her guardian. Now, her brother was murdered in a horrible robbing and she is on her own. Dax will not tolerate it even so because she has a secret. He steps in (even if he is not prepared and fully mature) and their story began... Dax and Regan are two young adults that are facing more than their young age prepares them to face. When Dax is facing his care and love towards Regan he has doubts, but he never back-down and is really sweet. The book is so great and shows how you can form a family of friends and community and sometimes you just need to face your fears. I just loved it!!

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