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Loved None But You (Pemberley House, #3) by Noelle Adams

I loved this series and this one is the best of them! All of them are based on a Jane Austen book and this one is loosely based on Persuation (for me the most difficult book to adapt). Anne and Robert were a couple in college and after graduation she broke up with him since she felt too young to commit with his military life and wanted to follow her own path. It was difficult for Anne to let him go since she really loved him but it was not their time. Robert really loved Anne and has to come back home after an injury that might have ended his military life. They are the ones who got away for each other and now have to face each other again and try to resolve their connection. This book is so lovely, sweet, sexy that you will not put away until you read the last words. I just love Noelle Adams writing and I am sure you will enjoy this book! Loved it

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Anne lost Robert five years ago when she said no to his proposal, and there's no going back now. Even though rejecting him was the hardest thing she's ever done. Even though she's never gotten over him. Even though he's moving right upstairs.

He's back for at least a month, recovering from an injury before he returns to the Navy. And he hasn't forgotten or forgiven the way she chose her career over him. But there's no sense in trying to work through their raw feelings--in or out of the bedroom--because if they get close to each other again, the same painful parting might happen a second time.

But getting close to Robert is exactly what Anne can't stop doing.

Pemberley House is a series of modern reimaginings of Jane Austen novels, and the books are set in a historic mansion in Virginia that has been converted into condos. Loved None But You is loosely inspired by Persuasion.

Pemberley House Series

In Want of a Wife (Book 1, Liz and Vince's story) If I Loved You Less (Book 2, Em and Ward's story) Loved None But You (Book 3, Anne and Robert's story)

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