• Ana Paula Medeiros

Wild, Crazy Hearts (The Bradens & Montgomerys: Pleasant Hill - Oak Falls, #4)

This is the best book of the Braden & Montgomerys series and Brindle and Trace have been hinted in several books, which made me eager for finally reading their story. They are young... Their story sometimes is naive and sexy at the same time, because they both are in their twenties and never have been in a romantic relationship with another person, only with each other. Melissa Foster is masterful in capturing how pure they are in their feelings and how sometimes even when you love too much you hurt the other person. These characters are loving, family oriented and hot as hell! They are just trying to do they best they can and in the book is wonderful to see they grow and how they are so connected. I just loved the women's group and the meetings about female's minds that is formed to help Brindle and wish there is some here where live because I could use the tips! Wonderful story.

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