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New reviews and stories to come

I haven't been posting too much these weeks and I have a good reason. I have been reading a lot! A lot! Several ARCS and so many wonderful books! Here it is a short list:

Satisfaction Guarantee by Lauren Blakely - The review will be posted shortly, it is the best book written by Ms. Blakely. A sexy vet with a mission to accomplish while listening to Frank Sinatra. I loved it!

Wild, Crazy Hearts (The Bradens & Montgomerys: Pleasant Hill - Oak Falls Book 4) by Melissa Foster - The review will be posted this week. The best book of the series so far!

Loved None but You by Noelle Adams - Loosely based on Persuation by Jane Austen and a great book! Anne and Robert are the perfect couple and second chance story.

Superfan by Sarina Bowen - I am still reading it and have to say the book is witty, fun and sexy. All you want to read!

Seven Night of Sin by Kendall Ryan - I read the first book Two-Week Arrangement and it is all you can think of a good follow up. I am reading right now.

Sexy Filthy Boss by Piper Rayne - This duo is becoming my favorite! This book is so great! Enzo is a wonderful character.

How to Loose a Fiance by Stephanie London - This is a sweet old-book style and I am loving it.

Fighting for You (The Connor Family book 5) by Layla Hagen- I just love this series. I am just finishing it and this is one of my favorite book families!

Dax by Sawyer Bennett- Already finished it and I think Dax stole my heart. Sawyer Bennett is such a good writer!

The Locker Room by Megham Quinn - I just started this book and have to tell you that it is super fun, sexy and I am loving it.

There are also some KU suggestions that I am reading and will tell you all about during the week between reviews.

This week will be busy!!

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