• Ana Paula Medeiros

Mad About Moon (The Whiskeys, #5) by Melissa Foster

Melissa Foster is a masterful of words! She created the Whiskeys world and each book is getting better and better. Josie and Jed's story has been hinted in the previous book, Wicked Whiskey Love, and it is nice to know this young couple and Josie's little rascal Hail, a new cutie to the kid's gang. Hail and Kennedy are so funny. Jed is Crystal's brother and he is trying to overcome his past when he was in trouble with the law to help his family. He is a hard worker and is a prospect in the Dark Knights MC and is moving on with his life. Josie is also trying to survive her abusive parents, loosing her husband and being now in a shelter with her son after loosing their house. These two have a past and now they have a second chance to love and to live. With the help of the Whiskey family and friends these two overcome to much! It is a strong story with so much feelings and love. A book that you will love to read!

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