• Ana Paula Medeiros

Money or Men by David Burnett

This is quite an interesting book about the pressures of being an ambitious woman in our society. Eris is ambitious and has pressured herself in taking it to the next level. She gave up her marriage because she thought her husband was not ambitious as she. Now, she is facing a promotion that will put a lot of more pressure in her life and her boss is asking her to give up her twin girls until the project is over. Chris, her former husband, does not understand Erin and in an unexpected way not even Erin knows what she wants anymore.

Erin and Chris's relationship can be regarded as a good debate of what we are becoming as a modern society, how much should you give up for ambition? Why ambition should be bad and when associated with women is so much worst? Ambition is not a bad word but balance in life is important. Balance of love, money and enjoyment of live and your loved ones this is the goal difficult to achieve and this is what this book is all about.

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