• Ana Paula Medeiros

The Wrong Gentleman by Louise Bay

Louise Bay is such a good writer and author. We return to the world of yachting and glamour but at the same time she writes about a boy meeting a girl in the worst circumstances since he cannot be fully himself. Skylar has suffered a lot and is used to rely only on herself and her instincts. She does not date and works to put food on her mouth and is only thinking on the next stewardess contract. Landon is a military man that succeed in his security business and now is doing a surveillance job for his friend in order to try to do something good and arrest an arm dealer. Landon is closed and Skylar is slowly growing on him. She is tough but begins to trust him. The book in the end is about love and trust and how it is difficult to combine. This is really a great book with such interesting characters. I just loved it!

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