• Ana Paula Medeiros

Finding Alexei by Kendall Ryan

Kendall Ryan knows how to tell a good love story and this book is the living proof of that.

Ryleigh and Alexei are opposites and met in an unusual way. He is a NFL athlete and she is a waitress in a strip club.

She is taking care of a two month baby alone and needs cash to survive and he is not looking for a family or anything serious. However, they both connect and he starts to be an important part of Ryleigh and Ella's (the cute adorable baby) life. This is a wonderful, sweet romance with sexy times.

I loved this book and it is so worth it to read.

It is a standalone but you will find characters of Love Machine, Dear Jane, Flirting with Forever. In a way it is a great tribute to Kendall Ryan's work.

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