• Ana Paula Medeiros

Wicked Whiskey Love by Melissa Foster

I think that there should be a disclaimer in each Whiskey book written by Melissa Foster: Warning: cute babies, strong women and crazy family and don't forget biker men in Halloween costumes, buy tissues and be prepare to laugh and cry a river. I was waiting for Wayne Whiskey and Sarah' story and it did not disappointed me. Sarah has been through enough in her life and has some major trust issues. Wayne "Bones" Whiskey is the perfect person to understand her and win her heart. After all, who wouldn't. For me personally, the great asset in this book is to talk about how women are being treated in our society. We are a "majority-minority" since even though our numbers are bigger but we still suffer violence, bigotry and hate. In this book we can read a little hope and how we can empower ourselves to teach our children (no matter what genre) that we can treat humans (no matter what genre) better and make a better society.

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