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Stranded on the Beach (Holiday Acres Book 1) by Noelle Adams

Stranded on the Beach is the first book in the Holiday Acres series and it was a serial novel Noelle Adams wrote to her newsletter's subscribers last summer. The Holiday Acres will tell stories about two families that grow apart because of business decisions their fathers had and that changed all the way these people related. Rebecca and Philip were in love a few years back but since her father took his from the business, the families had a feud and they separated.

It was not Rebecca and her sister's fault and once they discovered how wrong their father was they try to make it right. However, Phil and his brothers are having a hard time to forgive and move on. He isolated himself in a beach town trying to forget and move on with his life. Oddly this is the same city that Rebecca is "forced" to have a few days off on vacation. They reunite in an awkward kind of way and their love story is folded so beautifully in the hands of this author. She is generous enough to give us this story for free and it is so great to see these characters in this book. Give it a chance that you will love it!


A forced vacation on the beach. The man who broke her heart. A second chance at love.

Rebecca Holiday’s sisters force her to take a two-week vacation on the beach for some much needed rest, but then she runs into the man who broke her heart, the only man she’s ever loved. When they decide to spend time together, it’s supposed to be closure, but what they discover is a second chance at love.

Stranded on the Beach is currently FREE!

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