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Great authors!

I am a romance reader... There are so many sub-genres in the romance world and I confess that I have read a long list until I found the authors I love most. I was reading my blog/page and could see that there are three authors that I love that I should have cited before, but due to time restrains I did not mention the books before.

In the military romance world the author I love most is Kaylea Cross, I have been reading her books for years! Her books are super descriptive and romantic (if you can believe...). Her Hostage Rescue Team series is wonderful and I read them all, among others. This week she is releasing a new series and I was fortunate enough to read the ARC, if you read military romances you will love it. I will post the review tomorrow or the next day.

Other author that is missing in my list of favorites is Anna Hackett, she is an Australian who writes sci fy and adventures romances. Anna is the best! Apart of being a super cool person she blends these worlds in a way that makes her books unbelievable. They are full of good characters, good adventures and a lot of sexy scenes. My favorites are the Hell Squad, Gladiators and Treasure Huntes (which reminds me a lot Raiders of the Lost Ark). She released a new series which is Team 52 and it is great!

Finally, I have to cite Zoe York and her Pine Harbor series. This is a wonderful Canadian small town series and the final book will be released in an anthology next month. I will review here the earlier books and the new one.

Sorry for the long post, but I really wanted to pay homage to these authors who I have been following for so long...

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