• Ana Paula Medeiros

Love Like Ours (Sugar Lake #3) by Melissa Foster

This is the third book of the Sugar Lake series and they keep getting better. They are all stand alone, but I advise you to read them all because they are so good.

Talia is a college professor and while driving and talking to her crazy family she almost run over Derek in the college parking lot. He is a 29-year old student finishing his masters and taking care of his father and living a very different life that Talia ever known or wanted for her.

I will tell you what... Derek Grant is one of the best male characters that Melissa Foster has ever written. Usually male characters in romance must be all together, protective etc etc and in a way he is like this, but most of all Derek is an human being just doing the best he can in a difficult situation.

He is so human and so understanding. Talia is a wonderful character too. I think she learns more with Derek than she thought she ever did with anyone else. Melissa Foster shows us in this book that it is easy to judge but difficult to live in a hard situation. I loved this book!

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