• Ana Medeiros

Fighting for What's His (Warrior Fight Club, #2) by Laura Kaye

Laura Kaye has a sensibility in her writing about what hurts in the soul. Contemporary romance is not easy to write because even if you follow a specific trope you have to give these characters something deep, a third dimensional characteristic that makes them real and human. What I really enjoy about this series is that they are all wounded heroes that have to get used to the civilian life and deal with every day life and their PTSD and all the problems that go along. However, in this case, the interesting thing is that Shayna suffers from survivor's guilty without even having gone to the war and not being a military person. It makes Billy Parrish the perfect person for her. Billy and Shayna have a wonderful story of acceptance and dealing with their hurting souls, they need forgiveness and peace for their mind. This is a very good romance which talks about soul and being human.

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