• Ana Paula Medeiros

Practice Husband (Trophy Husbands #2)by Noelle Adams

This is the best book written by Noelle Adams.

The story about Sam and Hunter is full of emotions. Hunter is a wonderful character, he was in the wrong side and the book does not beat around the bush on this one. However, the way he is committing himself to Sam (without her even knowing) and how he is revealed by the author, as a person with several layers and assuming his own life.

Sam is a great character, she has a dry humor and I just loved all the literary quotations. It is like we are reading her life through the books she reads and enjoy.

The book has some wonderful scenes and really shows a strong writing style by the author.

I loved it!

Practice Husband (Trophy Husbands #2)

In high school, I was in love with Hunter Ness, but he friend-zoned me. Time passed. I grew up. He went to prison. And now he's going to be my husband for a year.

There are reasons.

He's not going to be a real husband. Just a practice husband so he can have a job and a place to live and I can finally experience parts of life I've only read about before. We're just friends, and I'm helping him out.

But still... He's way too sexy, and he knows me far too well. It's hard to remember he's not the real thing. But I'm going to stay smart. I'm not going to fall for my ex-con husband who only sees me as a friend.

I hope.

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