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Two Addison Cole's books at once! It is a great opportunity!

If you are following me you know that Melissa Foster is one of my favorite authors. I confess that I discovered her books by accident, I was looking for books in English to improve my reading in the language and discovered Treat and Max story, then I became addictive in the Braden, Seaside and Whiskey families and rest you can read in my blog. I read most of her books. She is a frank and open author and I admire the fact that although her books have the structure of romance they always have a different angle and have some unique in them. I confess that I don't love them all, but they always have something to say to me.

She is one of the reasons I started this blog and discovered other authors that I became addicted too.

Well, anyway... I digress because I am here to talk about her sweet alter ego Addison Cole.

Sweet Love at Bayside (Sweet with Heat: Bayside Summers #1) by Addison Cole

Addison Cole is the sweet side of the Melissa Foster. I have been reading her books for years and I am always surprised by her stories and how the characters are so well constructed and are so three dimensional. Here we have a kind of spin off of the Seaside series and now we get to meet the Bayside characters family, they are the Savage family and their friends. Rick Savage is an interesting character, he is sensitive and has a heart of gold, but the death of his father has influenced the adult he is now. Desiree is an extremely sweet girl who has an absent mother and a "crazy" and "over the top" sister. These two together are like a chocolate marshmallow sundae in the afternoon: too good to be true. You will love this series.

Sweet Passions at Bayside (Sweet with Heat: Bayside Summers #2) by Addison Cole

Ahhh Emery and Dean! What a perfect couple! This is the second book of the Bayside series and you will love the story of these two souls who are perfect for each other. They are pure combustion and I have to say that I started yoga purely because of Emery. Her passion for life and for what she does is wonderful. Dean is the good match that will put her on her toes and has an understanding of her doubts and fears. This is the book you will read over and over, because they are addictive.

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