• Ana Paula Medeiros

Atticus: A Woman’s Journey with the World’s Worst Behaved Dog by S. Bennett

I think Sawyer Bennett is becoming one of the best authors for contemporary books, she has a way of showing characters as human as possible. Her characters although facing hard decisions are so delicate and human, they are three dimensional and you can sincerely feel their pain and join in living. Atticus is an expression of a maturity in an author that really moved me in every word. Hazel's journey with Atticus is everything you want in a book, they are great characters and you will not put the book away. Me and my family we had an Atticus in our life, his name was Hook and he is now in dog heaven. His 13 years on earth were a lesson of love and companionship for our family and taught us to love more and comprehend one another. This is a humble experience to be taught to love by our pets, but they are in life for one purpose just be loved and cared. I think Atticus is a book that can show us this.

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