• Ana Paula Medeiros

Part-Time Husband (Trophy Husbands, #1) by Noelle Adams

This is a great start of it seems a wonderful series. It is about three sisters have been raised by their grandfather, the CEO of a restaurant chain business. Melissa has lost both of her parents at 14 and her sisters and grandfather are the only family she has. She is a hardworking, independent woman who works in the restaurant chain owned by her grandfather, but it is by choice, even if he is a stubborn, chauvinistic boss. He pressures Melissa into getting married and she decides to propose to her grandfather's ultimate enemy Trevor. He agrees to be her part-time husband and there all the fun begins! This book is a treat! Despite all Melissa's stiffness she is fun, witty and all the story is told in her point of view. She is a different character for Noelle Adams, since she has a special humor to face her problems. Trevor is not your regular hero, he is smug... But at the same time he is caring and has a huge heart for Melissa and his parents. When you read the blurb you may think you have read all the convenience marriage's books. However, this one is a bright take on this with an emotional, fun and witty story.


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