• Ana Paula Medeiros

Aiden (Vested Interest #2) by Melanie Moreland

Melanie Moreland shows her maturity as an author in this Vested Interest series. It is true! I have read several of her books: The Contract, Over the Fence (my favorite), My Image of You, Beneath the Scars etc.

However, with Bentley and Aiden she is pushing the envelope and showing us readers depth in her writing creating characters that are so real with so much pain and soul.

Aiden is the one book you should not miss to read... This book is something else, it is sweet, mature, suspenful and yet so sexy. Cami and Aiden are a wonderful, wonderful couple, who have to face a lot of troubles to be together including his traumas caused by a horrible family.

Cami also has some major trust issues, but for her life might be as colorful as her hair streaks, she is really trying to be happy and still believes in love.

For Aiden, Cami is the light for the dark place his family put him on but yet she is the one who has to reach for him and be patient.

I have read this book twice already and always find something else that I can think about it. Now, all I have to do is wait for Maddox and Dee's story!

You cannot miss this book and all the Vested Interest series!

Melanie Moreland is hosting a special contest for Aiden's release and you can find the link herein bellow:


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