• Ana Paula Medeiros

Living with Her One-Night Stand (The Loft, #1) by Noelle Adams

I loved this book and this is a great start to Noelle Adam's new series The Loft.

This series is about roommates that are sharing a loft in Blacksburg and it is a spin off of Tea for Two.

We met Jill in the book Seducing Her Brother's Best Friend (Tea for Two Book 3), she is relatively new to town and is trying to find somewhere she can call it home. All along the book she has this feeling of wanting to belong to somewhere or someone, she is tired of not belonging...

She meets Lucas in a bar and they begin to talk and see that they have nothing in common... He is living the moment... After a BAM occurred in his life he is tired of following the herd and wants something different for his life and does not want any strings.

Despite having some differences, they have a strong chemistry and end up having a one night stand. Little did they know that they are bound to become roommates since Lucas is the one who is renting the vacated room in the loft for 6 months.

Lucas and Jill are a emotional ride that it is worth reading, they are so intense and so good together.

As always Noelle Adams give us this book which is really a gift. This is a wonderful book!

the cover is beautiful!

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