• Ana Paula Medeiros

The Pecker Briefs (Legal Affairs, #7) by Sawyer Bennett

I can't have enough of Sawyer Bennett's books! I discover her books last year and have already read a lot of them, but I confess I did not know the Legal Affairs series. OMG! I loved The Pecker Briefs and will look for the others in the series. As far as a know they are all standalone, but some characters appear in one or another. This book has all your hope for in a romance book... Hot lawyers, sexy time, cute dogs and all because of this little bird, a pecker. Ford Daniels is a super powerful lawyer and is called for an emergency case related to an injunction against the construction in a certain area because it is the home of a environmentally protected pecker. The other party attorney is Viveka Jones, she is fiercely involved in environmental causes and specially in cases against animal cruelty. Their meeting is pure combustion and these two interactions are the greatest thing in this book. They are mature, interesting, sexy and adorable. I loved this book and its message. It is Sawyer Bennett as her best and you will have a good time.

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