• Ana Paula Medeiros

Embracing Her Heart (The Bradens & Montgomerys [Pleasant Hill - Oak Falls], #1)

Melissa Foster could write a software manual that I still would read it! One of the things that I admire most about her is the capacity to reinvent herself and always write her characters in a unique journey that are their own... This book is the beginning of a new series, a cross over between the Bradens and the Montgomerys. The Bradens are almost like my family I know their genealogical tree by heart, but the Montgomerys are a new addition to this world. They are a large family and we could get a glimpse of them in Bad Brothers After Dark: Brett, that was recently released. Grace Montgomery is Sophie Bad's (she just married y'all!) best friend and she is a respected play writer and producer. She went home to teach a workshop at her sister's bookshop and meet again the one who got away... Reed is the ultimate good guy and hot, hot, hot! I loved this couple and their story! Only Melissa could write this sexy tale about a couple who began as teenagers and now are starting over as adults with all mature problems and the perks of facing it all in a small town. You will love this book!!

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