• Ana Paula Medeiros

Brett (Bad Boys After Dark #4) by Melissa Foster

This is the last one of the Bad boys and Melissa Foster left the best for last...

The Bad Boys After Dark is a great series that tells the story of 4 brothers: Mick, Dylan, Carson and Brett. They are well successful adults with great careers, but are traumatized by the death of their 8-year old sister Lorelei by leukemia years ago.

Each one deals with this pain and sorrow in their own way, but Brett the closest in age with Lorelei takes it with anger and guilt. Years later, he meets his brother Mick's legal assistant, the lovely Sophie, and they begin a flirting game without taking things seriously since she knows he does not want any relationships.

Sophie wants it all and Brett wants right now... Or at least he thinks so...

After getting together for the first time (since Sophie is only human... Who could refuse Brett for long, after all?), they begin kind of a relationship and now it is for you to discover this journey of love, romance and acceptance.

I think Melissa Foster is an author who can successfully mix romance and real deep feelings and emotions that are human. There is a human factor in her books that it is undeniable.

The whole series is great, and this book is worth reading.

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