• Ana Paula Medeiros

Ride Dirty (Raven Riders #3.5; 1001 Dark Nights #78) by Laura Kaye

I don't know why but I like "MC" romance books, I think maybe it is this different world and yet the politics and humans are all the same... I have read some, but indeed Raven Riders's books are not your ordinary "MC" romance. They have some violence, but truly these characters are full of feelings and so interesting. Caine has always been quiet and broody but get to know him better was a journey that I will not forget in a while. His story is so sad and at the same time he shows a strength and surviving his solitude as he had made him a true hero in life. Emma is a perfect match for this wonderful, sad soul and she is too looking for a connection. These two people are involved in a true love story of forgiveness and acceptance. Wonderful book, you see in the excerpt below that this is a hot sexy story but it is not all... These characters that a beautiful, heartfelt story.


“What are you doing to me?”

“Trying to let you know I care,” Emma said. Like it was obvious. Like it was normal. Like it wasn’t blowing his goddamn mind. And then she just kept right on doing it. “For almost three weeks now, you’ve inhabited my dreams and dominated my thoughts and…” She ducked her gaze.

“What?” he rasped, dying for her to continue. He rolled them, pinning her under him. And, damn if that wasn’t a heady thing, especially as she went soft and pliant, her cheeks filling with a pink heat he tasted with his tongue. “And what?”

“And made me so horny so often that I feel like I’m going a little crazy.”

Trapped in between them, his cock was so demandingly hard that his hips surged against hers. “Christ,” he bit out, half wondering if he was asleep in his trailer having a dream from which he never wanted to wake. Because stuff like this didn’t happen to him. “I’ll get you off again. Gladly. Did you like my mouth?”

Her eyes went wide. “I freaking loved your mouth. Did you really need to ask?”

“I just want to be good for you.”

“Then just be you. I’m crazy about that mouth, but I’m also crazy about the rest of you, too.” Her arms looped around his neck and her fingers played in the back of his hair. It was only a matter of time… Her fingers moved over the ruined skin above his hairline where the hair didn’t grow right anymore. She didn’t say anything about it, but he didn’t miss the questions that passed over her expression. “Kiss me?”

On a groan, he did. His mouth found hers already open, her tongue meeting his lick for lick and stroke for stroke. She moaned and shifted beneath him, her knees pulling up and opening so that his hardness lined up with her sweet heat. They kissed until he couldn’t breathe and didn’t want to, not if it meant parting from her, and then she rolled her hips and ground her core against him. Once, twice, three times. God, she could use him like this forfuckingever and he’d die a happy man. Or as close to happy as he was capable of. “Yeah, Emma. You want to get off on my cock?”

Her eyes were soft and hooded and so full of desire that he thrust himself and met her hips as they rolled again. “Yes,” she whispered, panting against his lips. “I want you. All of you.”

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