• Ana Paula Medeiros

Unveiled (One Fairy Tale Wedding Book 3) by Noelle Adams

I love Noelle Adam's books. They are so sutil, full of feelings and wonderful characters. This is the third book of the series One Fairy Tale Wedding, three friends that decided in a night with champagne to go to a weekend wedding and get what they want. All the stories have a fairy tale take on and all the stories are so beautiful and heartfelt. This one is about Maddison and Timothy, they are good friends and she is helping him cope with his life and his daughter after his wife passed away. She is crazy about him, but he seems not to care. She has given up on him, but this weekend wedding is the chance of a life time. This book is so sweet and so beautiful. But, I swear to God that sometimes I felt like throwing something in Timothy's head. LOL You will love this series and this book!

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