• Ana Paula Medeiros

Kindle Unlimited suggestions

This week I will be publishing a lot of reviews, but now I wanted to show you some books that I have discovered in KU and have been reading that are really worth to discover...

Ghosted by J. M. Darhower - I have no words to describe how good this book is. This a second chance story about the cutest couple ever. Actually, they face a lot of pain and sorrow, but their love story is so good to read. I cried and laughed, so many emotions... There is another book from this author that it is very good, The Mad Tatter.

Guardian by Anna Hackett - Anna Hackett is my favorite sci-fiction romance author. Her books are incredibly sexy and put together the world of sci-fiction and romance which the nerd inside me shouts "Yay" everytime I read them. This is my favorite series "Galactic Gladiators". At some point they seem formulaic, but this one is one of the best....Guardian is worth to discover so are all Anna Hackett's books. I will post some of her books and you will love it.

Last year I discovered Cake: A Love Story, the story of Casey and Jake (CA+KE) and how they met in a wedding. I swear to God that I read this book several times and finally I bought it. After the author, J. Bengtsson, wrote two more books about Jake's siblings (which are very good), she has decided to tell the story after the happy ending... This is a story about a real couple, they have problems as we all do and they are so in love that in the end can survive pain and sorrow. Great reading!

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