• Ana Paula Medeiros

Untouched (One Fairy Tale Wedding Book 2) by Noelle Adams

Noelle Adams is the author of this lovely series about 3 friends that made a pact of achieving some goals in a wedding weekend. Of course the goals are related to romance. The best part is that the stories are all connected and related to fairy tales. In this book Hannah, one of the bridesmaid, is a 25 year-old virgin who wants to loose the virginity to her best friend Bruce. She convinces him to go to the wedding with her and their story as always is so sweet and sexy. Noelle is known for creating characters that are real and always have too much feelings. Bruce is the ultimate hero, he is strong but we can see as he is so in love with Hannah and she does not realize it. This is almost a novella and so good to read!

Once upon a time, there was a young woman whose prince hadn't yet found her. Hannah has been waiting a long time for the love of her life to appear. In fact, she's been waiting for so long that she's twenty-five now, and she's still a virgin. She hasn't given up on the love of her life, but right now she just wants to have sex. If her prince refuses to show up, she'll turn to a good friend to help her out with her virginity. Bruce is one of her favorite people in the world, but she's never considered him a potential prince because he prefers casual sex and refuses to let his heart be touched. But he's good in bed and she trusts him completely, and that's what she needs right now. A romantic weekend at a grand wedding in the mountains is the perfect opportunity for her first time. She just needs to be brave enough to ask him. Untouched is the second novella in the One Fairy Tale Wedding series, in which three friends make a pact to get what they really want during one wedding weekend.

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