• Ana Paula Medeiros

Charming Hannah (Big Sky #1) by Kristen Proby

The Big Sky series is what made me find Kristen Proby's books and all the books are a journey of romance, love and family.

This one is about our favorite o/b gyn doctor, Hannah Malone, she has been living in Cunningham Falls for a while and a couple of years (I believe it was a scene in Falling for Jillian) she met Sheriff Brad Hull. They hit it off, but as both workaholics they needed a small car bump to bring them together.

Hannah and Brad are a sexy couple and are as human as possible in their desires, drive and feelings. They both work a lot but find time to discover each other and maybe realize that they need time together to develop their romance.

I think this book is a good re-start of the series that will feature the Hull family now and we will enjoy this ride a lot!

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