• Ana Paula Medeiros

Unguarded (One Fairy Tale Wedding #1) by Noelle Adams

Noelle Adams always surprises me with her new approach in romance novels. I like her writing style since she focus on characters that are human and emotional.

Charlie has lost her parents at 18 and they named Simon as her trustee in their will. He is 15 years older and basically an introvert. But, at 25 years old she find herself completely smitten by this grumpy, unsmiling man. Will this beast succumb the charms of this woman and her romance?

This series is very interesting, a tree book series telling the story of three friends that make a pact of getting what their really want in a wedding weekend, all based in fairy tales.

Charlie is the rose and Simon is the beast, but what you see in this book is an independent, charming and beautiful woman conquering the man of her dreams. It is so beautiful!

A tale that you will want to read it!

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