• Ana Paula Medeiros

Seized by Love at Seaside by Addison Cole

Lizzie and Blue are so fun to read! Addison Cole is Melissa Foster's sweet alter ego (pen name) and this one is a sweet story indeed! Lizzie is a florist by day and a pastry vlogger by night and the fun part is that she is the Naked Baker. Nobody knows that it has been years that Lizzie has been hosting this webcast to help her sister go through college and she is good in it. Blue Ryder is in love with this woman for a year! But she seems to keep him in the friend zone and sure is keeping some secret from him. This story is about acceptance and show your true colors to the ones you love. It is so difficult some times! Sure Lizzie is the ultimate good girl, but even good girls have secrets and Blue is the good guy who must decide if he is willing to accept his girlfriend as she is. Addison Cole has an unique writing style and manages to put in words feelings that we usually have difficult to show. You will love Lizze and Blue!

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