• Ana Paula Medeiros

Your Endless Love (The Bennett Family, #9) by Layla Hagen

It is a bittersweet book for me because it is the last original Bennett family member story.

Summer is the youngest of the family and she got a story just like her, sweet, sexy and incredibly mature.

She is the youngest from a big, big family and is used to be considered to others and have the support of her brothers and sisters. At the same time she knows what she wants and fights for it.

While doing a charity work she gets to know the super movie star Alex Westbrook and they begin a love affair that will be full of sexy scenes and hard decisions for them both.

Alex is career oriented and will face many challenges as a person to balance this in his personal life. Summer is the one who will give him the support he needs, but they have to build this relationship and we as readers get to know this wonderful couple.

I can't wait for more of Layla Hagen and it seems from this book that new relatives are going to show up pretty soon!

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