• Ana Paula Medeiros

One More Promise ( Band on the Run #2) by Samantha Chase

I love the style of Samantha Chase's novels, they are delicate romances.

I find that some romance novels are trying too hard in either being raw, crude or rather being too mellow and soft. Ms. Chase has a delicate balance in her writing and I feel it is evolving in a more mature style.

This book is the perfect example! I am loving the Band on the Run spin off of the Shaugnessy's!

Dylan could be a rock star cliche, addict, alcoholic, troubled...He is not only that he is real and wants to make amends with himself! In this path to sobriety he meets Paige who has troubles of her own. The romance of these two souls is not easy, but through their hurt we get to know these wonderful characters and their story.

I feel specially grateful for this book because my daughter has a learning disability just as a character in this book, we know here in our home how it is to cope with it and how reading is important. I am an avid reader and day by day have to see my daughter struggle with her school work and reading. Thank you for Samantha Chase to bring this subject up with the respect it deserves!

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