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My favorite quotes

This is a fun post!

I was re-reading some books this week and decided to list my favorite quotes in books. There are several but I will tell you just a few today...

"That's it. You want to fuck someone? Go fuck yourself, VanRyan."

(The Contrat, by Melanie Moreland)

I just love this book and this quote. This book deserves a review of its own and I will do it soon. This is the turning point for Katy in the book and the line that makes Richard finally notice her as a woman and not as a way of conquering something.

"You need to toughen up"

(Hold by Claire Kent)

Claire Kent has a Hold series that it is very interesting and unique. It is romance with sci-fi and I just love this quote. Actually I have it in a mug that I take my hot chocolate.

"The thing is, she said a little more confidently, I realized that what I know about you doesn't matter as much as what you know about yourself. You obviously know that I'm attracted to you, but mostly, I'm attracted to what's inside you, that at your core, you know who you are. That confidence shines brighter than the moon and the stars and the sun put together"

(Truly, Madly, Whiskey by Melissa Foster)

Melissa Foster is one of my favorite authors and this book was one of my favorites last year. She has a way of putting words...

"I need to say this. I want you, you understand. All of you. Right now. But you need to know this. Outside of here, I will hold your purse. I'll get mani-pedis with you. I'll cry while watching Lifetime movies with you. I will hand over may man card and be your minion everywhere you want, except in the bedroom. In here, I want you to surrender, just a little bit, and let me take the lead"

(Man Card by Sarina Bowen and Tanya Eby)

Well... If you did not read Man Card you should right now! Braht is the ultimate man character! He is not afraid of who he is and he is fun, sexy and not afraid of facials and mani-pedis. This is Braht and enjoy!

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