• Ana Paula Medeiros

Man Card (Man Hands Book 2) by Sarina Bowen and‎ Tanya Eby

Man Hand was one of my favorite books at the end of last year... Now we have a second book from the series and tells the story of Ash and Braht, it is even more funnier, sexier and different from everything you have ever read on romance novels.

Braht is not a regular romance hero, he manscapes, has mani/pedis and is not afraid of a good pineapple mark with the girls. But he is more man and sexier than I have ever read in other books, he is a power to be reckon with and I think Ash is the right girl for this job.

Ash does love control and Braht is ready for the challenge of conquering this strong woman.

This book is out of this world! I loved it and recommend to you all!

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