• Ana Paula Medeiros

Whiskey Secrets (Whiskey and Lies #1) by Carrie Ann Ryan

Whiskey Secrets is Book 1 of a spinoff of the Montgomery Ink series, called the Whiskey and Lies series. This is located in Whiskey, Pennsylvania e is about the Collins brothers. You will remember them from Tabby and Alex's book from Montgomery Ink.

Dare Collins is an ex-cop and for years has been the owner of a bar/restaurant in his hometown Whiskey. It is a family business and he is proud of his accomplishments, even if he has to deal with his ex-demands and being apart from his son.

Kenzie Owens has left an abusive relationship behind and is ready to begin again in this small town by being the innkeeper of the Collins' family Inn.

She is a good person and wants to re-start her life.

Sparks from these two characters emerge from every chapter, this book is so sensitive, sexy and it speaks a language of love. Love for the family, love for your friends and companions. A very well written book that I loved to read, and you will feel these characters, they are real.

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