• Ana Paula Medeiros

Rise (Hold Book 4) by Claire Kent

Rise is the 4th book of the Hold series and it is quite interesting.

This book is a sci-fiction romance, but there is a political plot underlining it that makes it so good.

I think that Claire Kent in this series shows a lot of skill in telling the story of Talia, a sex worker for the High Director of the Coalition Council. She came from poverty and being in the leisure suite is a way of improving her life and she accepts her whole in this situation with quite a rational mind.

However, as nothing is easy for anybody, she become attached to a warrior named Desh, unknowing his motives for participating in the Combat Tournament.

This is a love story that you will have to read with an open mind and you will enjoy the cleverness of the writing and how this author is subtle in dealing with a lot of strong issues.

The whole series is great, the first one Hold is in a prison and shows how a couple survived a horrible incarceration, the second is Fall regarding hidden secrets in a different planet. The third one about a primitive planet and is all about survival and how love can exist even when people come from different worlds. Rise is the end of the series and is excellent in closing these characters that are so strong and resilient.

A good reading!!

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