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No Reservations (Fusion, #4.5) by Kristen Proby

This is a new the Fusion series book written by the great Kristen Proby.

Kristen Proby is an author that can create strong female characters with a lot of spunk.

The Fusion series is about five girlfriends that own a hot restaurant in Portland called Seduction, they are partners and best friends.

In Blush for Me, we meet Kat Meyers and "Mac" MacKenzie (by the way this book is great!) and now Kristen has written a novella about Chase MacKenzie - Mac's brother.

The MacKenzie brothers own a wine tour company and are very successful in Portland. Chase is a self-proclaimed life-long bachelor, and unapologetic about his distaste for monogamy. Maura Jenkins does not want to get marry or any strings attached. She is free and apologetically content with her life.

However, after meeting Chase their connection is too strong and maybe they have met their match for life.

This is a novella, but their journey is so alive and entertaining (also very hot and sexy) that we long for more words of this mature adult couple.

If you have not read other Fusion series, this is a standalone. But you will want to read the others since Kristen Proby has a way of writing romance that will engage you.

An exclusive excerpt for you to delight this book!


Once we’ve caught our breath, he pushes up on his arms, taking his weight off of me, and smiles down at me.

“Well, that was fun.”

“Definitely fun,” I reply with a nod, then wiggle out from under him and flip on the lamp next to the bed. I blink rapidly in the light and glance at him. He’s watching me, still kneeling in the middle of the bed, breathing hard. “I’m not staying.”

“I figured,” he says and rolls off the bed, pads into the bathroom, flushes the toilet, and returns to find me pulling on my clothes. “You don’t have to leave right now.”

Oh yes. I do.

“I should,” I reply, doing my best to seem very nonchalant. “I have plans in the morning.”

He nods. “I’ll take you home then.”

“Great plan, since I don’t have a car and it’s practically the middle of the night.”

“Or midnight.” He smirks and pulls on a pair of jeans. He doesn’t button them, or add a shirt, and instead stands there with his arms folded over his chest, watching me tug the skirt down my legs.

I can’t find my panties, and I refuse to ask for them, so I’ll just consider them a loss.

Five minutes later, we’re back in his sexy car and headed toward my condo.

“This won’t happen again,” I inform him, breaking the silence.

“No, ma’am.”

“We irritate the sh*t out of each other.”

He sighs deeply and mutters “that’s the truth” under his breath.

“So even if the chemistry is there, we won’t do this again.”

“Good plan.”

I nod and hold my pinky out to him. “Pinky swear.”

“I’m not a twelve-year-old girl.”

“No, you’re not,” I agree with a laugh. “But now I feel silly, so just do it.”

He links his pinky with mine and then pulls my hand to his mouth, kissing my knuckles.

“This is how the f*cking gets started.”

“No, sweetheart, the f*cking got started months ago.”

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