• Ana Paula Medeiros

Only for You (Sugar Lake #2) by Melissa Foster

This is the second book of the Sugar Lake series about the Dalton family. First, we get to know Willow and Zane, a hot cupcake celebrity couple, and now we will discover the story of Bridget (her younger sister).

Bridget Dalton is a single mom and the owner of a flower shop, she is overwhelmed but adores her little boy and has the help of her loving family. That is when a hot new neighbor and an adorable cute dog enter in their lives and change everything!

Bodhi Booker is a handsome, military and works with special forces. He is a dream guy but wants nothing serious since he can't commit. Bridget and Bohdi's attraction is strong and super-hot, the agree with a non-string attached fling, but their connection is too strong, and love is inevitable.

One thing I love about Melissa Foster's books is that they are about feelings and human nature. Bridget and Bohdi deal with valid questions on an adult relationship, especially when a small child is involved. This is a guaranteed happy ending, but you will love their journey to be together!

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