• Ana Paula Medeiros

The British Knight by Louise Bay

It is alive! It was released earlier!

Louise Bay is an author that writes every book with such emotional characters that it is hard not to love them. This is a dual POV book and it is a standalone, however, you will see character of previous books: The King of Wall Street, Park Avenue Prince, Duke of Manhattan. Violet is kind of lost in New York, she is smart, has a MIT degree but drifted away after college because of bad business and boyfriend. She is invited to come to London in a way of reinventing herself and reset her life. There, she meets Alexander Knightley, a workaholic barrister, with a lot of demons, but their romance is something else... Louise Bay tell us a London that we do not often read or see, and we get to know this wonderful city by Violet's eyes, it is like we are tourists ourselves in this journey of love. As a lawyer I loved to read how the system works and could feel the characters in their story. Violet and Alexander are lovely, hot and their history is worth discovering.

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