• Ana Medeiros

Christmas with a Prince (Rothman Royals #4) by Noelle Adams

Rothman Royals is a series about the Rothman's, the Royal family of Villemont, a small European country near the Alps.

The first three books were about the sisters, Amalie, Victoria and Lisette, the Princesses of Villemont and how they fall in love and live their happily ever after. It is not easy because of their Royal family but their stories are so sweet, emotional and lovely.

Now we get to know the heir Prince Henry and his story to discover love with April.

April is not an easy task... She had troubles in the past with drinking and partying, but she is strong enough to walk away from this life and now she is finishing her Master at the University and is managing a literacy program.

And then she meets this stubborn, arrogant and handsome guy named Henry, who conquers her entirely.

April and Henry story is a beautiful Christmas tale and it is unique, nothing like you ever read before.

They are strong and stubborn, but they are gentle souls who just want to be happy.

The whole series is a great reading and they are all basically novellas. A great reading for a Christmas morning.

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