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Dirty Filthy Fix (Fixed #5.5) by Laurelin Paige

As I said before, this is a great book to discover. Although it is part of a series, you can read it as a standalone. However, this world is so interesting that it is worth it to read and fall in love with these characters.

I have here a little except that it is quite interesting and says a lot about these characters...



I swallowed and peeked behind me at the door to Hudson’s office. It was still shut, thank goodness, but I had to be sure. Then I looked back into Nathan Sinclair’s mischievous green eyes.

“I keep my business life and my private life very separate, Mr. Sinclair. I hope you understand that.” I had to bargain with him somehow. It was evident he had the advantage, but I had to try and regain control. In the last ten years, I’d only slept with a handful of people from the Open Door, and all before I’d made my list of rules. After that, I’d made sure that the only men I’d slept with were people I knew through friends, or work, or people completely disassociated with the club. “But I could make an exception if I had to,” I said aloud.

“If you’re suggesting we barter,” Mr. Sinclair said, leaning forward, his elbows on his muscular thighs, “I think I could agree to something.”

“I’m off at five. I could meet in the bathroom, or there’s a hotel just down the street…”

Mr. Sinclair shook his head. “I’m not asking for anything that complicated. I’m not in the habit of forcing women into seduction.”

Huh. That was disappointing for some reason. “Then what did you have in mind?”

Under his beard, the short, boxed style that George Clooney made sexy, I caught the hint of a smirk.“I’ll take your panties.”

“My panties?”

His nod was short and subtle. “You are wearing some, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I’m wearing panties.” I scowled. What did he take me for?

Though, the idea of not wearing panties and sitting so close to him was doing weird things to my insides. Yummy weird things.

I leaned toward him and lowered my voice. “If I give them to you, you won’t tell a soul that I work here and go to those parties? You’ll never mention it again?”

“Cross my heart.” He had a dimple when he smiled. His eyes sparkled, and those tiny wrinkles at the corners made him dignified at the same time.

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