• Ana Medeiros

Retreat (Balm in Gilead Book 3) by Noelle Adams

The Balm in Gilead series is wonderful. These three books are amazingly emotional, well written and have such truth in their hearts that it is impossible not falling in love with these characters.

Balm in Gilead has a special meaning of cure in the Bible and I think it is what this series is for me...

All three books are a healing process and I think this third one is quite representative of that.

Cecily and Zeke are a above thirties couple who had lived, loved and are both facing a crossroad. Either they are willing to trust their hearts in another soul or to face loneliness in the coming years. Their faith in God and in each other is that moves this couple.

But, Zeke here despite of the hermit attitude is a joy to read. At the end he is the utmost romantic and there are so many entertaining scenes with him.

This is a really really good book and can be read as a standalone, but do not miss the opportunity to read all three books you will find them wonderful.

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