• Ana Paula Medeiros

Gingerbread at Moonglow by Deborah Garner

Every year at Christmas time I long for a Deborah Garner new book of her Moonglow Cafe series.

It is funny because in Brazil we do not have snow and frankly it is summer at Christmas time, so we are rather at the beach than making snowmen. But if I do not prepare one of Mist's receipts (specially her cookies) my family has no Christmas spirit at all!

The small, old western town of Timberton, Montana and the Timberton Hotel are a place of good people, good stories and most of all good writing and characters. Deborah Garner constructs lovely and delicate arcs for these characters and we look forward every year to see how their adventures in Christmas will be like. I am in love with Mist and the gang and the recipes are so delicious.

I am very tempted in giving up the beach and enjoy snow time at Montana one year! Great book and you will not regret it to know these wonderful characters.

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