Small Town, Big Secrets by Elsie Davis

Wow! This book is something else! I confess that this is the first book of this author that I read and I just loved it! I enjoy marriage of convenience books and this one is super well written and has great characters. Becky and Steve meet under non-conventional circunstances and their lifes are very complicated. Becky has to take care of her son without any help of the father. He needs a surgery and she needs money for the medical procedure. Steve is from a family from infl

Wild Love by Meg Benjamin

You will love this book! It is well written, delicate and I confess that I could not put it away until the final page was read. Colin does not have a easy path and his redemption is humbling. I know that second chances are not given easily, specially after he has disapointed so many people. However, Peaches is the right woman to support him through this path and he is ultimately a good guy who deserves a chance. Meg Benjamin has a delicate and human writing and the characters