Escape With Me (The O'Callaghans, #3; With Me In Seattle, #16) by Kristen Proby

I just love this With Me in Seattle series! This spin-off with the O'Callaghans is really great because we can read about the characters in the Seattle series and get to know these adorable Irish that are a great united family with so many tender moments. Keegan is a workaholic and lives for his pub and family. They are a very close family that helps him with the pub and practically live together! He is not alone, but sometimes felt lonely and then suddenly a runaway bride ha

Small Town, Big Secrets by Elsie Davis

Wow! This book is something else! I confess that this is the first book of this author that I read and I just loved it! I enjoy marriage of convenience books and this one is super well written and has great characters. Becky and Steve meet under non-conventional circunstances and their lifes are very complicated. Becky has to take care of her son without any help of the father. He needs a surgery and she needs money for the medical procedure. Steve is from a family from infl

Betting on Loveby Jennifer Hoopes

Whitney needs a second chance after a bitter divorce and she definitely has trust issues after being cheated on. Sam has his family business on his shoulders and has enough problems of their own. However, both of them work together, they complete each other (even if they have trouble in recognizing it...). This book is fun, loving and the characters are great to read. I love books that show the characters as they are and make it fun and loving. Jeniffer Hoopes has catched my